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6 Ways to Use a Swaddle

Posted on by Comfy Cubs

The list of essentials to buy for your baby seems to be never-ending: bibs, bottles, diapers, onesies, and so much more. So it goes without saying that a durable multipurpose product is always a welcome staple in the diaper bag! Swaddle blankets are a great example of an item that can be used for tons of different activities. They’re amazingly versatile and infinitely practical! Swaddle blankets from Comfy Cubs are large and soft, yet lightweight and breathable since they’re made from high-quality muslin cotton. And even after your baby’s too old to swaddle, you’ll still want to keep these swaddle blankets handy since they can be used for so many different purposes! Here are our top six ways to use a swaddle.

classic swaddle

1. Classic Swaddle

Of course, the first way you can use your swaddle blanket is to swaddle your baby. Swaddling comes with lots of benefits:

  • Keeps baby cozy and warm
  • Makes baby feel safe and secure
  • Helps to prevent flailing
  • Keeps baby sleeping peacefully
  • Helps baby adjust to the world outside the womb
Swaddling is quick and easy with our large 47” by 47” swaddle blankets! Just a few folds and tucks, and your baby will be warm, comfortable, and ready to drift off to sleep. When swaddling, be sure to follow safety guidelines to ensure that the swaddle blanket doesn’t pose any danger to your little one.

2. Burp Cloth

Swaddle blankets also work great as burp cloths. Even though they’re super soft, they’re also durable enough to clean up messes! Plus, they’re a great way to keep spit up from getting on your clothing. Our muslin cotton swaddles are also machine-washable and gentle enough to wipe babies’ sensitive skin.

nursing cover

3. Stroller Cover

If you’re taking a walk on a sunny day and want to give your baby some shade, a swaddle blanket is the perfect choice! It’s big enough to easily cover the stroller, plus lightweight and breathable. It blocks out light while allowing your baby plenty of fresh air, perfect for napping.

4. Nursing Cover

Swaddle blankets make convenient nursing covers as well! Whether you’re at home or out and about, a swaddle provides privacy and comfort for you while you’re feeding your little one. Since our swaddles are so lightweight and breathable, you and your baby won’t get overheated when using them as nursing covers.

5. Changing Table Cover

Make any changing table into a soft and comfortable place to take care of your baby’s dirty diaper by placing a folded swaddle blanket on top of it. Not only is this a great way to keep your little one comfy, but it also puts a barrier between your baby and any germs on the changing table. This is especially important when changing a diaper in a public place--you never know how clean changing tables in public restrooms are! The peace of mind provided by a changing table cover is truly invaluable.

Tummy Time Blanket

6. Tummy Time Blanket

Tummy time is important for your little one’s development, and your Comfy Cubs swaddling blanket is perfect for use as a tummy time blanket! It’s large enough for your baby to play and roll around easily. Daily tummy time helps babies build the muscle they need, and it also encourages your little one to build skills like pivoting and reaching.

Plus, it prevents them from developing a flat spot on the back of their head from laying on their back too often. Even after your baby’s grown too old to be swaddled, you can still use your swaddling blanket for tummy time--just lay it out in any location, and you’re ready to go!


Comfy Cubs Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Not only do our Comfy Cubs swaddles stand out from the rest thanks to their quality and affordability, but their versatility makes them even more valuable! Made from soft, breathable muslin cotton, our swaddle blankets come in adorable gender-neutral designs that all parents are sure to love. From this simple collection of four gray and white swaddles to these pink and white swaddles with Velcro closures, you’re sure to find the ideal swaddle for your little one!


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