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How and When to Swaddle Your Baby

Posted on by Maxim Krashunsky

Swaddling your baby is all about applying delicate movements, lending comforting gestures, and using the softest swaddle blankets for that perfect wrap. All you need to swaddle your baby to comfort and safety is Cotton Muslin and an affectionate pair of hands.  

It always helps to know why, how, and when you should swaddle your baby. Read on to learn everything there is to know about swaddling your baby.

The Benefits of Swaddling 

benefits of swaddling

Swaddling your baby helps you and your baby in many ways. First and foremost, you swaddle your baby to make him or her feel soothed, calm, and peaceful.

Besides wrapping your baby into one cushy and warm roll, swaddling can:

  • Help your baby sleep well
  • Reduce the chances of your baby getting startled from reflexes while he or she is asleep
  • Recreate the cozy and secure environment of the womb
  • Comfort your baby with colic
  • Keep your baby snug and comfy during painful times like vaccinations
  • Prevent your baby from mosquito bites


 A Simple Guide to Swaddling Your Baby

Watching videos and reading articles about swaddling might make the process seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple and effortless. You first need to create a steady swaddling routine, and find the best ways to swaddle your baby with precise techniques. No matter the choice of method, the main idea behind swaddling is to make sure your baby feels comfortable.

What Fabrics Should You Use to Swaddle Your Baby?

swaddling baby

Before you get down to the process of swaddling, buy a pair of muslin swaddle blankets. Muslin is the best fabric for swaddling your infant. Its soft, breathable texture makes the baby feel comfortable while maintaining the baby’s body temperature to prevent overheating.

Cotton muslin swaddle blankets also offer enough stretch to be easily molded around your baby’s body. Your primary goal as a new parent is to make sure your baby gets a good night’s sleep and that your baby is safe in his or her swaddle blanket.

How to Swaddle Your Baby

Step 1: Lay out your muslin swaddle blanket in the shape of a diamond. Make sure you use a clean, flat surface and spread out its corners evenly.

Step 2: Carefully fold over the top corner of the diamond-shaped blanket. This is where your baby’s neck will fall. Make sure the fold you make is proper and neat.

Step 3: Place your baby carefully with his or her face toward you. Lay your baby’s head just above the blanket fold. To make sure your baby’s head is resting on a clean surface, always spread out two layers of swaddle blankets, just to be on the safe side.

Step 4: Now that your baby is laying nicely on a somewhat triangular blanket, fold the right corner of the blanket over your baby and tuck the cloth beneath him or her. Create a snug fit, but don’t tuck it in too tightly.

Step 5: Next, folder over the bottom corner of the diamond-shaped blanket. Typically, this corner, when folded, will fall over the baby’s feet.

Step 6: Finally bring the remaining portion of the blanket over the left side to cover your baby’s body.

What Not to Do

Wrapped and ready, once your baby is swaddled, you can rest assured that he or she is going to stay safe, warm, and protected. While swaddling, check to see whether the blanket is wrapped too tightly or loosely.

You don’t want to cramp your baby’s tiny limbs, arms, and feet. Make sure you leave some room for regular movement. In the early months, your baby’s body is delicate and tender, even the bones are brittle. If your swaddling technique constricts the baby’s lower body, it can cause a lot of trouble like rashes, ulcers, and even dislocation.

If it looks like your baby likes to have his or her arms free, that is okay too. Your baby might wiggle around when being swaddled. But if it looks like your baby is always trying to get out of the swaddle, then maybe it’s just not for her. Don’t force it. Your baby may just be getting too old or active for swaddling.

When Should You Swaddle Your Baby?

baby swaddle

Swaddling can be therapeutic for mothers as well as their babies. Mothers often claim that swaddling helps them cope with motherhood stress, and babies feel less irritated and cranky when they are swaddled properly.

Swaddling allows mothers to stay close to their babies. When the baby is all sung and wrapped up, mothers find it easier to hold them close in their arms. There’s no doubt that babies enjoy this level of intimacy as much as mothers do.

The question is, when should you swaddle your baby? And for how long?

Usually, you may swaddle your baby for at least 6 to 8 months after he or she is born. By the time your baby is a year old, you should put a stop to swaddling, simply because your child doesn’t need it anymore.

Ideally, new parents swaddle their babies when they want to soothe a colic attack, calm their crankiness, or put them to bed. Newborns should be swaddled when they experience startle reflexes.

You also don’t want to stuff your baby’s cribs with extra pillows, toys, and other unnecessary objects. A nicely wrapped Muslin Swaddle blanket is all that your baby needs to feel snug and cared for.

If you notice that your baby has the habit of scratching his or her face or sucking his or her thumbs, swaddling may be a good way to keep such activities under control.

If you find that your baby rolls off often, swaddle him or her to make sure he or she sleeps on the back.

Some Final Thoughts

If your baby sleeps well, so will you. So, swaddling benefits your baby as well as you. From soothing your child to reducing the stress of motherhood, the process offers several advantages.

Swaddling may seem difficult or tedious in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll become a swaddling expert in no time!

As long as you follow the safety rules, swaddle your baby gently and with care, and use the appropriate fabrics that are best for your baby, there’s nothing to worry about.

For more information on nursing, motherhood, and baby essentials, reach out to Comfy Cubs. You can always call us 1 (818) 812 9374 or write to us with your queries and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.


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