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Baby Playpen & Baby Gate for Toddler and Babies in Natural Wood

$249.99 $199.99

Effortless Installation: Forget the hassle of spending hours putting parts together. The Comfy Cubs Baby Play Pen arrives fully assembled, saving you time and effort. For those who wish to secure the Baby Gate to a wall, we’ve also included easy-to-use wall mounting brackets for added stability which will take you less then 10 minutes for the initial set up.

Natural and Safe Materials: Our play pen is made from natural pine wood with a smooth touch. We've prioritized your child's safety, using no paints, varnishes, or chemicals, ensuring an environment free of toxins and harmful substances.

Baby Gate Extends up to 228 inches : Boasting a remarkable length, this product can extend up to 228 inches when fully opened as a gate. This feature ensures versatility and comprehensive safety coverage, perfect for both small and large spaces.

Portable and Easy to Store: Designed with modern homes and busy parents in mind, our play pen is not only adaptable in shape but is also foldable and portable. Whether you need to free up some space or are heading on a trip, storing the playpen is a breeze, ensuring safety for your child wherever you go.

Child-Safe Design with Convenience in Mind: Prioritizing your child's safety, we've incorporated a child-proof lock and latch door for the playpen. Yet, for the parents, accessing the pen is a breeze, as the door can be simply opened with one hand.

Product Description:

The Comfy Cubs Baby Play Pen stands as a testament to safety and convenience. Crafted from natural pine wood, it exudes a smooth touch, ensuring your child is surrounded by an environment devoid of toxins and harmful substances, as we've abstained from using paints, varnishes, or chemicals. Remarkably, it doubles as a baby gate and can seamlessly extend up to 228 inches, offering versatile safety coverage suitable for both cozy and spacious rooms.

Bid farewell to cumbersome assembly. This play pen arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, geared to save you from needless exertion. For those keen on affixing the gate to a wall, rest assured; our package comes with user-friendly wall mounting brackets. With a setup process that doesn't exceed 10 minutes, it promises stability without a fuss.

Tailored for contemporary homes and the bustling lives of today's parents, this playpen's design is both adaptive and space-efficient. Its foldable and portable nature means that whether you're reclaiming space at home or journeying afar, safety for your child remains uncompromised. And the cherry on top? Its child-proof lock ensures utmost security, while also being effortlessly accessible to parents with just a one-handed operation. Embrace a blend of safety, convenience, and sophistication with Comfy Cubs.

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