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Diaper Caddy

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Keep your life more organized at home and on the go with a multipurpose baby diaper caddy and organizer from Comfy Cubs!

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re adding to your growing family, it’s a given that babies need a lot of things to keep them calm, comfy, and clean. That’s why we created the ultimate, all-purpose Comfy Cubs Baby Diaper Caddy!

Designed for modern parents that live active lifestyles and need more organization in their day-to-day lives, these versatile carryall totes feature dual carry handles, heavy-duty fabric, expanded pocket and personal storage options, and the lightweight, durable convenience you need to keep it all neatly arranged even when things get hectic.

Product Details:

  • Trendy, Portable Diaper Bag Carryall (Large)
  • Soft, Durable Fabric Construction
  • Durable Carry Handles with Reinforced Stitching
  • Eight (8) Exterior Pockets
  • Adjustable Velcro Divider
  • Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
  • Beautiful Baby Shower Gift Choice
  • Dimensions: 13” x 9” x 7”
  • Gray Color with White Patterns
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


Get this trendy and versatile travel storage organizer and diaper bag for your busy family and always stay a step ahead of your baby’s needs by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now.

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