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Holiday Baby Bundle - Diaper Caddy, White Muslin Burp Cloth 6 Pack, Bandana Bibs 8 pack and Swaddle 3 Pack

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Holiday Baby Bundle!

Perfect as a Holiday or Baby Shower Gift!

Swaddle 3 Pack

By recreating the secure and cozy feeling of mommy's womb, Comfy Cubs Swaddle Blankets for newborns trigger the relaxation mechanism in your baby so he can enjoy more restful sleep. Bundled snugly in our baby sleep sack and free from involuntary reflexes that would startle him awake, your child will fall asleep more easily and remain asleep longer. Not only will your baby benefit from more sleep during his most formative days, but you'll relax and enjoy watching him grow and develop.

White Muslin Burp Cloths 6 Pack

No parent can ever have too many muslin burp cloths as they can be used for so many things! An ideal size to pop into a handbag or changing bag and can be used all around the home as they come in super handy when feeding, changing or even cleaning baby.

Diaper Caddy

Whether you’re a new parent or you’re adding to your growing family, it’s a given that babies need a lot of things to keep them calm, comfy, and clean. That’s why we created the ultimate, all-purpose Comfy Cubs Baby Diaper Caddy!

Bandana Bibs

Your Life As A Parent Just Became Easier!

  • Have your baby’s teeth started appearing?
  • Is your baby drooling uncontrollably?
  • Are you tired of constantly wiping them?
  • Are you tired of constantly changing and washing their wet clothes?

Then you definitely need the pack of 8 baby bandana drool bibs by Comfy Cubs!

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